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We are looking forward to having you join the Photovoice research project. The purpose will be to learn about how spaces, places, and people in nature impact how  Black, Latinx, Pilipinx, and Pacific Islanders (ages 18-26) can promote healing in nature. You’ll learn fun skills related to photography and research and have a chance to make a difference in your community!

To participate, you must be already a part of the Hood 2 Woods research project, and commit to attending 3 meetings over the next 3 months. For any questions, contact SF State Prof. David Rebanal (

Proyektong Pamana Reclaiming Our Ancestral Roots

Proyektong PAMANA

The PAMANA Project focuses specifically on transitional-age Pilipinx individuals and how green spaces can help to slow the rate of telomere degradation. The goal is not to just help improve the health of participants during the study but for them to continue interacting with nature after the project ends, thus living healthier lifestyles. The PAMANA Project hopes to achieve this by reconnecting Pilipinx to their pre-colonial, ancestral roots by combining the exploration of local nature sites with ancient Pilipino culture.